After NFTs, Samsung will support the Metaverse initiative

Samsung established a partnership with the Crypto project Decentraland (mana).

At present Metaverse and Web3 based crypto projects are in trend and the majority of the crypto projects are getting better attention in the crypto industry. And if we look at the total MarketCap value in the Metaverse-based projects, then it is Decentraland, which is at the top. 

In the ongoing heat of the Metaverse trend, Samsung jumped. Tech giant Samsung America did a special kind of partnership with the Ethereum-based platform Decentraland. Under the partnership with Decentraland, Samsung will launch its own 837 physical stores in the virtual world. 

According to the report of The Block, all the 837 physical stores of Samsung company is situated in New York City. And the name of the virtual version of these stores will be 837× and it will remain open for a limited interval of time in the Decentraland virtual world. 

The Block also quoted a statement from a spokesperson from Samsung. The spokesperson said that it is going to be the biggest virtual land buy in history, on the Decentraland platform. 

“one of the largest brand land takeovers in the history of Decentraland..and added it is going to be biggest connectivity theater and sustainable forest”

Samsung  to use Cardano blockchain network 

Recently Samsung established a partnership with an initial Tree offering crypto project, which uses Cardano blockchain to provide data about the accepted donation to grow plants. 

Samsung aimed to plant around 2 million trees with such initiatives. 

In this way, the Samsung company showed that they are not working on a better business model to grow economically but also they are doing their best to fight against the increasing environmental issues. 

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