American real estate company will accept bitcoin payment

American real-estate company ‘La Haus’ planned to accept Bitcoin payment for their services for American users. 

The growing popularity of the bitcoin and crypto market is forcing all big companies and firms to integrate their services with the crypto and blockchain industry to attract users. In the latest, a real-estate company planned to dive into the crypto space. 

La Haus is an American real-estate company and also this company is one of the leaders in America in terms of the real-estate business. Recently this company announced that the firm will accept payments in Bitcoin. 

As the company is popular in Latin America, there are huge chances that the service will be a better option for Bitcoin lovers in Latin. 

To accept payment in Bitcoin, La Haus established a partnership with OpenNode. OpenNode will help the firm to accept payment in Bitcoin directly. And this payment agent will allow this firm to accept on-chain and on the Lightning Network to facilitate real estate sales digitally. 

Jehudi Castro-Sierra, former vice-minister of the digital economy in Colombia, will take care of this new initiative of the La Haus. In an interview with a crypto news website, they said: 

“La Haus is once again pioneering the use of technology to transform Latam housing markets, plugging into the open monetary network and accepting Bitcoin via a fully integrated digital process”

Sánchez-Ríos, president of La Haus, shared his thoughts on this new initiative to make the company’ operations more digitally inclined to the crypto industry. He said:

“We are firmly focused on making homeownership accessible and possible for millions of people across Latin America. As we expand across Latin America, Bitcoin can solve some of the problems that come with buying a home with local currencies.”

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