Animoca Brands to dive into K-pop NFT metaverse

Animoca Brands revealed their plan of NFT metaverse in collaboration with the Korean record label Cube Entertainment. 

After the announcement of Metaverse’s rebranding of facebook’s ecosystem, many companies got triggered to dive into the digital world by approaching the Metaverse concept. Recently, Chinese company Tencent was in the spotlight for their plans for Metaverse. 

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Now in the latest, this is Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands established a partnership agreement with the Korean record label Cube Entertainment. 

On November 15, Animoca Brands unveiled its plan. As per the announcement, Cube Entertainment will work on the build of the ‘K-pop music metaverse’. Both of these two parties will work together to create NFTs of different digital collectibles of the popular actors. So NFTs will include sound and digital artwork-based album media. 

The executive of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu,  stated about this partnership and said that they are eagerly waiting to work on the NFTs based concept with Cube Entertainment. Yat also said that their initiative in the blockchain world is a part of the ambition to  “make the open metaverse a reality.” and anomic will give “true digital property rights and other blockchain benefits to the people.

The CEO of Cube Entertainment, Ahn Woo Hyung, also elaborated on this partnership with Animoca and said 

“(This is) an important beginning for leading the global digital culture market and advancing the digital content industry.”

In this initial stage of the NFT Metaverse initiative, Cube Entertainment managed roughly 50 K-pop artists, including BtoB, Pentagon, (G)I-DLE, and Lights.

Animoca Brands had many operations in the past regarding NFTs and blockchain initiatives. In the past Animoca invested in the Dapper Labs that grabbed better success with the rampant of CryptoKitties against the Ethereum network. So we can say, Animoca has its hand in NFTs popularity and surge in the adoption, in the past.

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