Anonymous Group Ready To Fight Against Elon Musk With “Anon Inu” coin

An anonymous group posted a video on YouTube to begin a war against Elon Musk & China with their own new anonymous coin.

A YouTube channel “Anonymous” with more than 180k subscribers posted a video about their move to launch a new coin “Anon Inu”. They informed all their subscribers, they are making their new coin because want fight against Elon Musk in ” Meme coin war” and also they want fight against China in ” Crypto ban war”.

As all of us know very well about Blockchain technology & Defi concept are anonymous in nature, so we can’t say with certainty about the support of this new anonymous coin ” Anon Inu”.

Maybe people or a group of people are trying to launch their new coin in the crypto market with this unique stunt with the name of Elon Musk, China & Anonymous group.

“We believe that crypto is just getting started, so we have released the Anon Inu token a new DeFi community token with various built-in utilities”

Anonymous Youtube Channel

While one can notice in the beginning of June Elon Musk got a warning from Anonymous community to manipulate crypto market and they warned Elon Musk not to do that. 

Now, it will be interesting to see whether the crypto community will give a response toward this new anonymous coin or not.

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