Shiba Inu Coin Based Shibàswàp Is Scam, Be aware : Shiba Informer


Today Shiba Informer informed their followers about a scam that is going on with the name of Shibaswap Defi project. Some people/individuals created an identical Defi Swap platform named as ” Shibàswà “. 

Scam, hack & attack on Defi based projects seems much more common these days. People are able to list their token at Defi exchange and can easily run their scam project but there are few people who are much intelligent in this field of cryptocurrency to deceive people. Now scammers are creating clones of exchange websites with identical domain names.

A recent warning is coming from the Shiba Coin community. Few people or any individual created a Defi exchange which have huge similarities with the platform. is a project which is based on the Defi concept and the team of ShibaInu Coin launched it in recent weeks.

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Scammer used the domain name ” Shiàswà” and the actual domain name of the official swap platform of ShibaCoin is “”.

 We can clearly see how these scammers are intelligent enough to cheat people easily with their strange & unidentified ideas. 

These scammers are also using Google’s ads to show the swap exchange at top, so that they can easily catch Innocent users.

SHIN Informer shared a tweet regarding this scam & suggested to bookmark the official in browser.

Here we request all users, always be careful with the official link. Dont login to any website until you’re sure that the website is official or not. Because this is cryptocurrency & now rules & regulation can help you after the loss of fund. 

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