Biden Administration hiring digital meme experts, is there anything about crypto memes?


The Biden Administration is hiring top meme creators to get help to attract US GenZ ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

As we know Joe Biden is the current US president and the Biden Administration’s stance on cryptocurrencies is characterized by a cautious but balanced approach. They aim to foster innovation in the crypto space while implementing necessary regulations to protect consumers and ensure the integrity of the financial system. In the past, many crypto people noted that the Biden Administration provided better room for anti-Crypto bills. 

On 23 May 2024, The Biden Administration for President campaign confirmed that they are looking to hire a “Partner Manager.” The person who gets the job will be in charge of handling daily tasks and working with popular internet content and meme pages.

With the help of new talent, the Biden Administration wants to create & publish memes, to promote Joe Biden among the young generation of the US.

In early of this year, Joe Biden shared his laser eye pic to show that he is an internet tech-savvy person. Later many people speculated Biden wanted to show his support for Bitcoin, to get votes from the Crypto people.

Now it will be interesting to see how the crypto enthusiasts will react to this news, as already many of Biden’s rival Donald Trump-inspired crypto meme tokens are trading in the crypto sector. 

Also there are some low cap Biden inspired meme tokens, but not getting a better level of attention like Trump tokens.

In the last few weeks, already Biden’s biggest rival Donald Trump showed full support for Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies. He urged people to vote for Trump to see Bitcoin adoption. 

In response, popular crypto entrepreneur & Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson said that the crypto regulatory situation will be better if Trump secures victory in the upcoming Presidential election.

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