Bilaxy Exchange Hacked, Reportedly lost $450 million

A Seychelles-based crypto exchange faced an attack of hackers. Right now the exchange has stopped their services.

Hacking on crypto exchanges has become a very common thing. Recently a big hack attack on Japanese exchange Liquid happened. Now this is Bilaxy which is facing a big loss. 

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Bilaxy is a Seychelles-based crypto asset trading Exchange. As per report, on 29 August, Exchange found some of their crypto accounts compromised. At this time of writing, the exchange didn’t confirm how much loss they faced. 

On the telegram account, Bilaxy team informed their users that the Exchange is on maintenance and their services will remain stopped. 

But after some hours, Exchange announced through twitter that they faced an attack and urged their users not to deposit any funds on the Exchange .

On the telegram, the exchange said that their users should not worry about it and they will resolve the problem soon. 

But here it should be noticed, that the Bilaxy team is unable to operate the exchange perfectly so that they can confirm the exact amount of the stolen funds by the hackers.

Exchange found many addresses that are involved in the hacking. One of the address shared by them is here 

HogeFinance informed that Bilaxy faced a loss of $22 million because of only HOGE Token drained by the hackers.

While some other estimation confirmed that Bilaxy faced loss of around $400 million. But this is not official and not confirmed by the exchange.

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