Hedge Funds Expect To Have 312 Billion Holding In Crypto

American Hedge Funds openly say ” They will have around 10% of their assets in Crypto only in the next five years”.

According to a Financial Times report that cites a recent survey by chief financial officers, Hedge Funds company Expect to have 7% of their assets in crypto only by 2026.

On the basis of forecasts, the 7% of the crypto assets will be worth of $312 billion.

Their European counterparts are more traditional, that’s why they are settling to average exposure of 6.8% only.

As per Report, Paul Tudor Jones, who is one of the most successful managers in Wall Street, clearly said that they want 5% Bitcoin allotment on 14 June.

Stanley Druckenmiller, investor, also avoided Bitcoin. In a recent interview he predicted that a new Cryptocurrency will overtake Etherium.

So Stanley Druckenmiller is not in favour of Bitcoin or Ethereum like assets, probably they are in search & waiting for new high potential crypto coins until the stage.

Hedge Funds are not only aware about the risk chances in Crypto investment but also they know the potential of the Crypto investment in the long term.

Paul Singer’s Elliott Management wrote to the Investors about a potential scam of investment in Cryptocurrency.

They wrote “ the greatest financial scam in history”.

Also they pointed out that the price of bitcoin dropped from $ 63,000 to $29,000 in April. Since it is another matter that the price of bitcoin is again increasing to $40,000 ( at the time of writing this article).

And also they emphasized over the unpredictable future of crypto regulation over in their native location.

So we can see how the Hedge Funds team is totally aware of positive and negative facts in Cryptocurrency. 

Probably the whole team is engaged to find the perfect option to Invest their money, so that they can give a better result to their Investors.