Bitpay says Amazon accepting Bitcoin indirectly

Payment gateway company suggested to the crypto community how people can use Bitcoin or another crypto indirectly to pay at the Amazon marketplace.

In the mid of July 2021, rumours were spreading in the crypto community that giant retail e-commerce platform Amazon will start to accept Bitcoin and other crypto assets by the end of this year but later, Amazon firm officially announced that all rumours are wrong and the company have no plans to accept crypto payments, however, the company will do its research and development work in the blockchain. 

Now in the latest, Bitpay- payment gateway platform- highlighted the matter again in the spotlight. Bitpay said that Amazon has no plans to accept Bitcoin or any other crypto payment but still there are many ways to use crypto payments directly on the Amazon platform. 

According to Bitpay, people can use debit cards issued by the crypto firms or gift cards that are available at many crypto platforms to spend directly at the Amazon website. 

In particular, Bitpay said that people can use the ‘Bitpay Debit’, cards to pay the payments and also gift cards that can be generated through Bitpay directly to spend at Amazon. 

“Start using your Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or another crypto on Amazon purchases in minutes”

Bitpay idea: a marketing strategy?

If we look at the point of view of Bitpay’s marketing strategy to promote their services then we can’t say that they are only doing marketing because they are giving a solution that how people can spend their crypto assets directly just like normal payments with their debit or credit cards. 

And also here we can take reference to AMC entertainment, which claimed that they are accepting crypto payments. In actuality, AMC entertainment has been accepting payments through the gift card system at present, since the beginning of October. 

However, the company is planning to accept crypto payments directly, without the involvement of gift cards by next month. 

So here, we can say that the Bitpay idea is the best solution for people to use their crypto assets to spend directly. However, MasterCard and Visa-like firms are doing their best to integrate the crypto payments firm. So there are huge expectations that Amazon-like platforms don’t need to do separate development work to accept crypto payments. 

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