Bityard Exchange: The complete user guide


Bityard is a Singapore-based secure, easy, and fast cryptocurrency trading exchange that was founded in November 2019.

The company is registered as Bityard Blockchain Foundation Limited with Registration Number: 201938576H and corporate office located at:

60 Paya Lebar Road, #08–55, Paya Lebar Square, Singapore (409051). District 14 (Geylang, Eunos)

If you live in Singapore, you may decide to verify that information and let us know if there’s anything to doubt about their claims.

TL;DR: The Pros and Cons

Before we continue on this review, let’s quickly take a look at the good and the not so good side of the Bityard Exchange.


Things that you may like about Bityard:

  1. Supports both crypto and fiat deposit and withdrawal
  2. Fast trading engine, processing up to 1 million TPS (transactions per second)
  3. Regulated, licensed, and fully compliant
  4. Website is available in 9 different languages and over 150 countries
  5. Simplified, clean, and professional user-interface
  6. 24/7 support via email and live chat.
  7. Provides demo account to help you familiarize yourself with the platform and trading before using real money
  8. You get up to a $258 USDT welcome bonus.
  9. Fully secured with real-time risk audit technology, multiple cold storage wallets, multi-signature technology.
  10. Provides a wider array of trading assets compared to its competitors.
  11. Available on both mobile (Android & IOS) and web.
  12. Lowest transaction fees.


Things that you may not like about Bityard:

  1. KYC is required to use the most features.
  2. You can only withdraw and deposit a minimum of $15.
  3. There’s a maximum withdrawal limit of $100,000 and that’s even with KYC. Without KYC it’s $1,500.
  4. Offers a limited number of trading pairs in the spot market, compared to other centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, etc.

Getting started with Bityard

Being a relatively less known cryptocurrency exchange you will think (as I initially did) that Bityard will be one of those new exchanges with a cluttered, hard to navigate user-interface that resembles DEXs in 2017.

If you’re thinking that, you’re as wrong as I was.

Let’s take a look at the exchange’s user interface and walk through the registration process in 3 quick, easy steps.

1. The user interface

The first step is to visit the Bityard exchange website, where you’ll be presented with a super clean home page that gives you everything you want in one view.

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Bityard Exchange Homepage

From the first look, it’s easy to tell what trading markets the exchange offers (contract, derivative, and spot).

Immediately after those are links to the affiliate, promotions, and learn more pages where you will find all the information you need about specific aspects of the exchange.

And then finally, you have the login, Get Started (sign-up), download buttons, and language option in the far right-hand corner.

The rest of the space below is a bold claim of the exchange being the world’s leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange.

Click on that icon by the bottom right-hand corner will take you to the live chat support system, where you can talk to a real-human 24/7.

It will follow you around as you scroll through the page so that wherever you’re on the website if you feel like talking to someone, help is not far away, just click and start typing.

But that’s not all.

When you scroll down further, you will be presented with other bits of information about the exchange.

Such as:

  • List of the top cryptocurrencies that you can trade with leverage
  • Some good reasons why you should choose them
  • A list of their license certificates
  • Links to the exchange’s mobile app downloads on Google Play Store and App Store
  • A list of the various popular media houses that have covered Bityard.

Which tells us this is not some obscure exchange.

Ok. Enough of that sight-seeing exercise.

Let’s proceed to register a free Bityard account, claim the welcome bonuses, and start playing around with the various features and functionalities available on the exchange such as demo trading, copy trading, and all that jazz.

2. Registering your account

Most top cryptocurrency exchanges have a very simple registration process and Bityard is certainly NOT left behind in this regard.

So without wasting time, let’s create you an account already.

Step 1: Click HEREto go to the website

Step 2: From the website, click the Get Started yellow button at the top right-hand corner or the Register Now button at the bottom of the page. Whichever your mouse is closest to.

Bityard Exchange Sign Up

Step 3: On the registration form that pops up, you can choose to use either the email or phone number registration options.

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Bityard Exchange Email Registration Form or

Bityard Exchange Mobile Registration Form

Whichever method of registration you decide to use, just fill in the form with the required information, enter the verification code that will be sent to your email address or phone number, and hit the Register buttonbelow it.

I have decided to use the email registration option.

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Bityard Exchange Registration Form

Once you click the Register Button, you’re done.

You will be automatically logged in to your account and presented with this beautiful message as below.

Bityard Exchange Successful Signup Message

Congratulations and welcome to the club.

3. Claiming your welcome bonuses

Just click the Get Bonus buttonto go to the bonus page where you can begin claiming your beginner, trading, and first deposit bonuses:

  • Beginner Bonus of up to $4 USDT
Image for post

Bityard Exchange Beginner Bonus

  • Trading Bonus of up to $254 USDT

Bityard Exchange Trading Bonus

  • First Deposit Bonus of $50
Image for post

Bityard Exchange First Deposit Bonus

I know you noticed that 6 BYD Registration Bonus which you earned just for signing up.

BYD is the native cryptocurrency and utility token of the Bityard Exchange.

Now if you like pressing calculators like me, you have already noticed that all the bonuses amount to a total of $308 which is oddly different from the advertised $258 but I don’t think getting more than you’re promised hurts.

Definitely not!

Plus I think many people wouldn’t be able to claim all the bonuses due to the requirements.

But as much as you can claim, go for it.

Bityard review: Available markets

What markets can you trade on the Bityard exchange?

As of today, December 13, 2020, the Bityard exchange offers three different trading markets, which are:

  1. Contract
  2. Derivative
  3. Spot

These are easily accessible from the top of the website on any page you’re on.

Let’s briefly explain what these markets are, what you can trade in them, and how to trade them among other things.

1. Contract

You will notice that Bityard is marketed as the world’s leading cryptocurrency contract trading exchange.

Because that’s its core trading product.

But what is contract trading, and how is it different from spot trading?

Continue reading for the answer to this and other questions.

Contracts are trading instruments that allow an investor to trade on the price movement of an asset, which can be a physical commodity (e.g., rice, wheat, crude oil) or a financial instrument (e.g., stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies), at a predetermined future date and price.

They are typically used by traders as a way to hedge other investments or to lock in profits when trading in volatile markets.


Also, according to SnapEx, in a Medium article:

Contract trading is a method of trading assets that allows traders to access a larger sum of capital through leveraging from a broker. In simple terms, contract trading allows traders to borrow capital to open trades with a larger margin to secure a potentially higher profit.

So in brief, contract trading allows you to trade (bet on) the price movement of an asset without actually owning them and using leverage (borrowed funds) offered by the exchange.

  1. It involves the use of more funds than you have (leverage).
  2. You are not buying or selling the actual asset. You’re only speculating on the price movement of the asset.
  3. The trades (bet) have predetermined future settlement (expiry) date and time. We call these future contracts (futures).
  4. It can also have an indefinite or undefined settlement date and time. These can be closed at any time and do not expire. We call these perpetual contracts.
  5. With contracts trading, you make money regardless of whether prices are going up or down IF you know what you’re doing.

That’s just the basics you need to know about contracts trading for the purpose of this review. Refer to the referenced resources above to learn.

Bityard contracts trading interface

So to begin trading cry[tocurrecy contracts on Bityard, simply click contract from the top of the page.

Bityard contract trading

Look at the neat page with everything proly laid out in one single view.

From the top right-hand side, you can easily switch between demo and live trading with just one click, apply up to 100X leverage (pure gambling), deposit funds, etc.

Also at the center of the screen is your chart where you can view historical and current price movements on different timeframes.

Good luck with your technical analysis.

As you can also see from your left-hand side of that screenshot above, there are currently 10 different cryptocurrencies available for trading on the exchange, all of which are paired against the USDT.

These include ATOM, BCH, BTC, DOT, EOS, ETC, ETH, LTC, TRX, and XRP.

That’s it.

Go ahead, deposit some amount, and go long or short on any of the supported cryptocurrencies.

And if you don’t feel confident enough yet, to use real money, simply switch to Demo.

Play around, get familiar with the platform, and gain the “experience” you need to start making money with live trading.

2. Derivative

Next is the derivative trading market which supports 11 traditional assets including Crude oil, Copper, Gold, Silver, Mini Dow, Nasdaq 100, Natural Gas, China A50, Heng Seng, DAX, and Nikkei225

Here, you can trade with as high as 200X leverage.

The user interface is similar to the contracts trading platform except for the difference in the amount of leverage you have at your disposal.

And instead of LONG or SHORT, you have, BUY or SELL buttons.

Image for post

Bityard derivative trading

Hey! Where is the chart?

Sorry, it’s the weekend (Sunday) when I write this, and the traditional market is closed.

This is unlike cryptocurrency that operates 24/7, Monday through Sunday.

3. Spot Trading

In spot trading, you’re buying and selling the actual cryptocurrencies directly with other traders and the trades are settled instantly.

The coins you want to sell will be taken from your exchange account, and the coin you want to buy will be deposited into your account respectively.

Order matching, filling, and trade settlements are done automatically by the exchange’s trading engine.

All you have to do is place an order to sell or buy and wait for another human on the other side of the planet who’s willing to exchange their crypto for yours at the price that you have specified in your order.

So spot trading on Bityard is the same as trading on Binance, KuCoin, and other top centralized exchanges that you may already familiar with or heard about.

Bityard Spot Trading

On the right-hand side of the spot trading page, you have the orderbook, which lists all the buy (green) and sell (red) orders that have been entered by thousands of traders all over the world.

The current price is the price that the last trade was settled.

And it is displayed between the sell orders and the buy orders.

Below the order, by the bottom right-hand corner is the recent trades, which lists all the recently executed trades with the topmost one being the latest.

As usual, at the center is your chart which you can set to the minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly view.

Currently, only about 29 cryptocurrencies are listed for trading on the Bityard spot trading market and all are paired only with the USDT.

Securing your Bityard account

As much as the Bityard exchange employs strong security measures to keep the bad guys away from your money, there’re still a few steps you can personally take to make it nearly impossible for a hacker to access your account and potentially steal your money.

From the homepage click on your profile icon by the top right-hand side.

Image for post

Bityard account security

Then click on Account Security to open your personal account security settings page.

Bityard account security settings

What can you do here?

  1. Set a trading PIN
  2. Verify your phone number
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Submit your government-issued ID for full KCY verification.
  5. Whitelist withdrawal addresses so that even by any chance someone gains access to your account, withdrawals can only be approved if it goes into the whitelisted wallet addresses.

Just click the respective forward-pointing arrow to open the pages and provide the required information.

Bityard copy trading

One of the special features of the Bityard exchange is the Bityard copy trading.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is a service that enables you to automatically copy and replicate another trader’s trades on your own account.

This means that if the trader you’re copying wins you win and when they lose, you lose too.

So if you lack the experience and knowledge to trade the extremely volatile cryptocurrency market profitably all by yourself, don’t worry.

You can profit off of the experts’ experience, knowledge, and trading skills through the Bityard copy trading.

Getting started with the bityard copy trading

Interestingly, I couldn’t find this feature on the web (desktop) version of the Bityard website.

But you can find it when you login via your mobile browser or download the app for your mobile device.

At the bottom of the mobile page, you will find the Copy Trade button.

Image for post

Bityard Copy Trading

Click it to open the copy trading page where you will find a list of professional traders that you can follow and copy their trades.

Bityard Copy Traders List

You can even filter the list of traders based on their style, profit, and loss ratio in a 30 day period, and the number of trading days they have had on the platform.

Image for post

Bityard Traders Filter Settings

Once you’re done picking the filter items, click confirm at the top right-hand corner to display the list of traders that match your search criteria.

Go through the list and study the traders that catch your attention.

Once you find a trader that satisfies both your curiosity and due diligence, click the follow button beside their profile.

After looking around I decided to go with the first trader with a Chinese name.

His record looks good, so I click the follow button, considering his profitability.

Bityard Copy Trade Settings

As you can see from the screenshot, I can set a fixed amount or set a percentage of my capital that will be used to copy the guy’s trade.

If I select a fixed amount of say, $100, whenever the guy places a trade, $100 will be used from my account balance to place the same trade.

If I set 5% on the Fixed Ratio tab, 5% of my account balance will be used to place the same trades as the trader I have chosen to follow and copy their trade.

Once you’ve decided on that, you can scroll down, click on Advanced Setting where you can set the maximum amount of money that should be used for copy trading per day and your preferred stop-loss.

I would prefer to leave the stop-loss as UNLIMITED so that the trade can be closed with the trader.

Once you’re satisfied with the settings, click Copy.

That’s all! You’re done setting up copying that trader’s trades.

But what if I want to stop copying?

That also is simple!.

Simply click on the Assets at the bottom right-hand of your screen and then click Copy Trade Settings on the resulting page.

Image for post

Asset Management Button

It will display the list of all the traders you’re currently copying their trade.

Locate the person you want to stop copying and click that yellow Edit button beside their profile.

Edit Copy Trader Settings

This will take you to the same page as the first one when started copying but with an additional button to switch off the copy settings.

Image for post

Stop Copy Trading

Simply tap on the highlighted button to switch off copy trading just as it is on the screenshot.

You’re done.

You will no longer copy any new trades made by the trader henceforth.

However, any currently running trades will still be active until the trader closes them.

PS: 8%-10% of your profit in every winning trades goes to the trader as commission. 8% if the trader is in the ordinary category and 10% if the trader is a merchant in the star category. Only users who have fully completed KYC and satisfy the minimum funding requirement can offer to provide copy trading services.

The Bityard affiliate program

Offering the lowest fee structure in the industry means you’re keeping more of your trading profit by using Bityard.

But you can earn even more with the Bityard affiliate program where you can earn up to 60% commission on all trading fees generated by the people you refer to the exchange.

Bityard Affiliate System

Commissions are credited to your account in real-time.

Plus as an affiliate, you get one-on-one professional assistance and a robust commission report to help you plan, monitor and grow your affiliate business.

There’re five levels in the Bityard affiliate system. These are:

  1. Invite Friends
  2. Bronze KOL
  3. Silver KOL
  4. Gold KOL
  5. Diamond KOL
Image for post

Bityard Affiliate Categories

As you can see from the above screenshot, you start your affiliate journey with a 5% commission which expires after 6 months if you don’t refer at least one person to sign up and trade on the exchange.

And you need a minimum of 100 referrals to start enjoying the advertised 60% affiliate commission for life.

Bityard Exchange fees

Below is the breakdown of the Bityard fees.

The exchange distinguishes 4 different types of fees on its platform.

  1. Currency exchange fee 0.05%
  2. The transaction fee 0.05%
  3. Overnight fee 0.045%
  4. Deposit and withdrawal fees -variable

I guess the currency exchange fee applies to the spot market and it’s charged for every trade you perform.

For comparison purposes, this fee is 0.1% on Binance. Though if you’re trading more than 50 BTC volume and paying the fees with BNB it could go as low as 0.06%.

The same rate (0.05%) applies to the contract and derivatives trading market but you’re charged 0.05% for opening a position and another 0.05% for the closing of that position.

Both fees are deducted immediately you open the position which amounts to 0.01%.

This applies when you’re using leveraged trading.

The transaction fee is calculated based on the following formula:

  • Opening fee = Margin*leverage*0.05%
  • Closing Fee = Margin*leverage*0.05%

The third fee is called the overnight fee.

What is the overnight fee?

Overnight fee refers to the interest you pay for using leverage

The overnight fee is calculated using the following formula:

Overnight Fee = Margin * Leverage * 0.045% * Days.

In order to help traders keep more of the trading profit, the exchange waves the fee for positions that are opened and closed within a 12 hour period.

Whereas, the fee is charged on positions that are opened for more than 12 hours.

PS: Bityard charges no deposit fees and withdrawal fees are variable, depending on the cryptocurrency being withdrawn and how busy the blockchain network is.

Is Bityard Legit?

Yes! Bityard does seem very legit.

The company operates with licenses from four different countries: The USA, Australia, Singapore, and Estonia.

These licenses are:

  1. Singapore’s ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority),
  2. The American Money Services Businesses (MSBs),
  3. Estonia’s MTR (Register of Economic Activity) for the European Union, and
  4. Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC)

Making it arguably the most regulated and fully compliant cryptocurrency contracts trading exchange in the world.

Far ahead of the likes of BitMext, Bybit, Deribit, its main competitors who all operate with one license from a single country.

Does it make Bityard a more global exchange? I leave you to be the judge.


One thing you can’t take away from Bityard is that it is the simplest contract trading platform among its competitors.

Pair that with its fast order matching and trade execution engine, securitylowest feesexcellent support service, and what you have is a world-class exchange.

But what may discourage many privacy-obsessed crypto traders and investors is their KYC requirements.

There’s very little you can do outside of KYC and that’s a problem for many.

More so, until now, the exchange has done close to nothing in terms of marketing efforts.

The exchange got it right on all fronts, all it needs right now is increased marketing and publicity efforts.

Finally, you will notice that in this article no mention of the team is found, that’s because I couldn’t get any information regarding the team from anywhere.

How can an exchange that requires KYC and complying fully with all AML regulations have an “anonymous” team?

Please make information about the team public on the website. We will appreciate that EXTRA transparency.

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