BlueSky releases open-source decentralized code for Twitter: Details


Research and development team BlueSky released open-source code for giant social media platform Twitter.

BlueSky is an independent venture, which works under the fund support of the Twitter platform. Initially, the BlueSky concept was proposed by Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO and also Bitcoin Maximalist, in 2019. But this venture was established this year. 

On 4 May, BlueSky released its source code for the Twitter platform, which is supposed to be a highly decentralized consensus-based algorithm. 

Jay Graber, CEO of BlueSky, announced that the project  “ADX, the Authenticated Data Experiment, has been launched. 

BlueSky CEO suggested developers and testers to try & play but suggested not to build their own social media platform, on behalf of this code because huge things are pending and missing that will be introduced in the future. 

“Feel free to play around, but don’t try to build your next big social app on this yet. Things are missing, and things are going to change.”

Jay also added that they will give time to the developers to figure out the best way to engage the Twitter users on the platform. 

Further added: 

“we’ll be experimenting with some different ways to engage publicly to figure out how to strike that balance.”

Earlier this, last month, BlueSky issued its statement on Elon’ twitter acquisition and noted that the team will continuously work to develop decentralized social media code with the inclusion of no negative impact on its goals of Elon. 

The main goal of Elon with Twitter is to make this platform a free-speech medium for the whole world but alongside it, the majority of the crypto proponents have full belief that Elon will make Twitter the biggest platform for the crypto industry.

Earlier today, top-ranked crypto exchange Binance reportedly planned to contribute with a $500 million investment in Twitter to make it a decentralized social media platform.

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