Bringing up Beta on Bitcoin Network by Microsoft ID System


May results, the tech giant the decentralized identity network to declare openly that it has instantly introduced in beta on the Bitcoin blockchain.

May results in the ION, Microsoft’s decentralized identity network, to proclaim that it tends to shift beta testing on the Bitcoin network.

The 10 blog post, Daniel Buchner, a program manager for the Microsoft Identity team, asserted in June the open-sourced, layer 2 Identity Overlay Network (ION) had inaugurated. It focuses on the objective to contribute users with a decentralized identifier (DID) which would displace the need for usernames.

Formulated in the intersection with the ION, Decentralized Identity Foundation, stood formulated as a decentralized network to administer alone and not to trust on “special utility tokens, trusted validator nodes, or extra consensus mechanisms”. 

According to Buchner “The core promise of DID technology is to empower all individuals and entities with ownership and control over their identities, which aligns well with our mission of empowering every person to work, play, and achieve more,”. 

“To deliver on that promise, we have chosen a different path from some of the more centralized approaches to DID technologies—and we believe ION exemplifies that choice.”

For the ultimate version, Microsoft has not outlined a discharge date and asserted that it would be operating on strengthening the platform and enriching the ION quotation enactment by the arrival of months. 

Microsoft proceeds with its blockchain stripe 

May results in the Bitcoinik to notify that the tech giant proclaimed its trademark new Azure Blockchain Service with Azure Blockchain Development Kit for the Ethereum blockchain. 

Not the alone organization recognizing the capability of DID technology. ConsenSys is operating the blockchain agnostic platform Ethr-DID for the own DID, disparity to Microsoft’s SideTree.

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