Cardano has plans for the peer-to-peer financial operating system in Africa

A new thing is coming about the Cardano project, on which Cardano founder talked about on the occasion of Christmas Eve in 2021. 

Cardano is a popular crypto project in the crypto industry. Its native token ADA is standing at 6th rank by market cap trading volume. This project is working much perfectly with precise development works slowly toward growth. In September 2021, the Cardano blockchain network went through Alonzo Hardfork. After Alonzo Hardfork, the Cardano blockchain network enabled the crypto projects to get deployed on its network easily through the smart contract model. 

In December 2021, on Christmas Eve, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson appeared in the YouTube video season. In the video, Charles said that he is excited for the next year 2022 because many important partnerships are coming in the mid of 2022. However, at that time, he didn’t reveal much about it. But now the latest tweet confirmed that it is a kind of financial Services based partnership. 

In the tweet below, we can see, it was all about the partnership of the Cardano Crypto project with the Pezesha to create a peer-to-peer(P2P) financial operating system in Africa to allow financial services among people easily without going through centralized services. 

Earlier, Charles explained in a few words that a person will be able to get loans in crypto-assets with Stable Coins from each other by sitting in different countries. Charles also said that it will depend on credit score and identity verification also.

Charles also noted that, once Cardano established its financial system in Africa with Pezesha, then it will be a bigger financial system in the country than the traditional financial system. 

It is worth noting that, after the completion of Alonzo Hardfork in the Cardano blockchain network, Charles was on an Africa tour. In Africa, Charles did meet with many businessmen and government officials also to bring the wave of adoption of blockchain technology to advance the traditional financial system. 

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