CryptoJobsList Founder says crypto job market is now more strong

The founder of CryptoJobsList shared his thoughts on the current situation of the crypto industry and related employment & jobs.

According to many experts, the crypto industry is still in the initial phase of growth and there are many things to see in this industry. On one side this industry is moving toward growth and on the other side, people are moving in this industry to generate revenue in multiple ways, whether it is trading or crypto-related jobs. 

Raman Shalupau, the founder of CryptoJobsList, appeared in an interview with a crypto news website. Through the interview, he shared his thoughts on the maturity of this crypto industry.

At the starting of the interview, Raman said that in may 2021 market faced a huge correction and that resulted in a big impact on the crypto job demands. 

Raman said: 

“The crypto jobs market has matured, to a point where it’s much stronger than previous years”

Raman also noted that under the huge correction of the Market, Crypto companies didn’t stop their efforts to hire crypto managers to manage their work, as per data of CryptoJobsList. 

Right now, the situation of the crypto market is much better for the economy as well as for the job seekers. 

In the previous year’s crypto market pump, we saw unsustainable growth where “companies spent a lot of money during good times and did not have the runway for bear markets”. But now the present time market is more mature, and we can see high established crypto companies with enough cash reserves. Further continues:

” Companies should be able to sustain multi-year bear markets, which is good news for the crypto jobs market.”

Last year, CryptoJobsList data confirmed that crypto NFTs based projects were growing more rapidly but later DAO also entered the market, and then both of these two grabbed better attention in the industry. 

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