Cardano’s invites hackers to check ERC-20 tools reliability

The IOHK team is ready to bring the ERC-20 converter tool to the Cardano testnet. They are also running a bug bounty program. 

Cardano project is very near to bring Smartcontract feature on Cardano blockchain. According to the expectations of the Cardano team of Cardano, Alonzo fork will take place on the Cardano network on 12-13 September. So before the mid of September, we will see a smart contract feature on Cardano. But right now the head team of Cardano, Input output Hong Kong global (IOHK), is planning to test the ERC-20 converter tool.

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As per planning of the developer team, they will launch the ERC-20 converter tool on Cardano’s testnet network by 1 September. But they want to check about the reliability of their codes and find out the Possible bugs. So they are also running a bug bounty program for the hackers. 

ERC-20 Converter tool? 

It is basically a tool that will connect Ethereum network & Cardano’s network. So the tool will work as a bridge in between these two networks. 

With the help of the ERC-20 converter tool, all the users of Cardano & Ethereum blockchain will be able to transfer coins in between the network. 

To read about the ERC-20 tool in detail, click here

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