China’s Crypto Mining warning On Hydropower Stations

Chinese government authorities warned all the hydropower plants to supply electricity to the illegal mining operations.

As all of us know very well how China is eliminating crypto related services from their country and also from time to time they are doing operations against any type of crypto related services to take big action to not to comply with the government law.

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Now according to the new reports, Yunnan Province, the People’s Government Office of Yingjiang County, warned all the hydro power plants of China. 

Authorities received some kind of information that few hydropower plants stations are giving electricity supply to the illegal crypto  mining operations, so they warned.

As per warning by the Yunnan Province, All the hydropower stations have time till 24 August and if they will not comply with government authorities then they will organize a better plan for them, to bust their operations. And also they will remove any kind of mining rig or mining equipment from the station.

The County Development and Reform Bureau departments  have full authority to bust the illegal mining operations and also to bust the operations which are supplying illegal electricity power to the miners. 

Earlier, Chinese authorities took action against all possible kinds of crypto related services, even they banned social media accounts of the crypto related companies so that they cannot communicate with the crypto Operation/services. It seems that China is not going to stop ever in future for crypto crackdown laws.

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