Coinbase chief says they will give 4 weeks off a year for employees

Coinbase exchange is going to do some kind of planning for their works to bring efficiency in their work, through holidays. 

Coinbase is the most popular crypto exchange in the US. And this exchange also gives services in multiple countries. The reputation of this crypto exchange can be seen through its success to make Coinbase a publicly listed company in the US. 

On 10 January, L.J. Brock,  chief people officer at Coinbase exchange, published a blog regarding the workload and pressure of working on the employees of Coinbase exchange. 

Brock stated that Coinbase will shut down almost totally for 4 weeks this year. And it will be a part of the experiment on its employees and workers to give relief from huge load works. 

Coinbase chief also noted that employees of Coinbase are not limited to working for 40 hours a week, but there is huge pressure to work at a single moment’s notice. 

Brock also confirmed that the company came to know about this situation in 2022, where many employees were facing huge workload pressure and no one was talking about how to recharge or recover from such a high-pressure intense workload. So the company added 1 recharge week in 2020 and further 2 recharge weeks in 2021. 

Nasdaq listed exchange added:

“Four weeks of coordinated recharge time might sound like a lot of time off for a company in hypergrowth, but given the intensity of our work throughout the year, we think this is the best way to ensure our pace is sustainable for the long term.”

Right now Coinbase is giving its services more rapidly with growth and more perfectly to the crypto users. And also its employees are working remotely, where workload or pressure estimation is not easy to figure out. 

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