Coinbase Crypto App Store Launch With International Strategy

World’s third biggest Cryptocurrency exchange by volume is going to launch a crypto app store to provide all possible applications related to the Cryptocurrency Market.

A largest & popular Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, announced their plan to expand their services at International level by the launch of their own Cryptocurrency app store like apple store & play store, so that it can make easy for the listing of crypto assets.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said, through the blog post that we can see the trend of Cryptocurrency that how it is changing day by day. 

The origin of Cryptocurrency starting from where and now where it is. This is totally awesome to see this progress which is totally beyond our thinking.

Unlike other fields, this is better and faster in terms of adoption of new concepts & ideas.

And also we can see, After every three month a new concept gets introduced in the Cryptocurrency market.

For example, adoption of the Defi project to sustain decentralisation in real manner, NFTs platforms that are trying to boost the career of those people who have real creativity with their own artwork and decentralised autonomous organisations platforms.

These are not only based on new concepts but they are in actual use and they have potential of doing something better than in our existing traditional financial system.

The main goal of Coinbase, from the Launch of its own Cryptocurrency app store, is to fast the process of listing the assets on their platform.

According to the Coinbase team, the Apple store doesn’t allow anyone to make Apps independently by users and also they don’t want to give any authorisation to third party developers for such kinds of apps.

So it will be a better solution for such problems with its own Cryptocurrency app store.

Many Cryptocurrency experts says, This step by Coinbase is really appreciated but there is one thing that can be a problem for those projects which have low budgets but have better working teams.

If Coinbase will launch their own Crypto app store then every project which wants to enter the Cryptocurrency Market, will be restricted to have their own app so that they can get reviews from the point of ” Coinbase crypto app store”.

Besides all these things, people will be able to use all crypto related services to access them on their mobile.

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