Coingecko discloses the name of its Newsletter vendor which was hacked


Coingecko provided a full detail on the recent data breach with a popular Newsletter vendor, used by the majority of the crypto companies.

Coingecko is a popular & top-ranked crypto price tracking website. Three days ago, Coingecko reported that the list of email addresses of Coingecko newsletter subscribers was breached. 

At the time Coingecko & other news sources failed to disclose the name of the newsletter vendor but confirmed that the vendor was used by several crypto companies.

On 7 June 2024, Coingecko published a detailed report on this matter and confirmed that the Newsletter vendor was GetResponse. 

Coingecko Reported that a GetResponse employee’s account was hacked, compromising Coingecko’s email contacts. The attacker exported nearly 1.9 million contacts and sent phishing emails to 23,723 addresses from another account. CoinGecko and GetResponse quickly blocked further email delivery.

The Coingecko team again suggested crypto people stay cautious of phishing or spam emails following a targeted attack on CoinGecko and other crypto companies.

Also suggested avoiding unfamiliar emails, links, and attachments, and being wary of token airdrop offers, which are unauthorised. 

On completion of the investigation against this incident, Coingecko co-founder urged people to remain away from any kind of emails regarding new token pre-sale, especially from Coingecko token because Coingecko has no plan for any kind of such tokens. 

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