$Friend token pumps 94%, as the team announced a native blockchain launch plan


Friend.Tech project’s native cryptocurrency $Friend surged rapidly, as the team showed engagement in the development of a new blockchain network.

Friend.tech is a cryptocurrency project that lets users turn their social interactions into tokens. Participants can create and trade “shares” of their online personas, forming a decentralised social network where influence and popularity determine token value. Utilising blockchain technology, Friend.tech ensures secure and transparent transactions, aiming to transform the way people engage with and monetize their social media activity.

$Friend is the native token of this crypto project & the current trade price of this token is $0.83 which is only 8.57% higher. Today the trade price of this token surged from $0.68 to $1.35 but later retracted back. 

$Friend token pumps 94%, as the team announced a native blockchain launch plan 1

The sudden increment in the trade price of this token took place because of very big news around this project. 

The project team announced that they are working with the Conduit crypto team to develop a blockchain network & they will use the $Friend token as the native token of the new blockchain called “FriendChain”.

However, no exact period or date for the launch was provided by the project team but they confirmed that they will keep informing about every phase of the development. 

All this information shared by the Friend.Tech project intended that the future of the Friend.tech platform will be very big but it will take a significant time. 

Also, the project team invited people to secure the spot for testing of FriendChain testnet in advance.


Response tweets by the crypto X users showed that there are many unclear things, as the project team failed to provide any crucial detail about the FriendChain blockchain whether it will be L1 or L2 and why they need a new blockchain network, while already many scalable crypto networks are available to use. 

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