Cryptocurrency’s Role In Ransomware Attack Is Alarm : Eric Swalwell

Eric Swalwell who is a crypto-friendly personality joined the political chair and discussed the role of Cryptocurrency use in Ransomware like activities. He argued to the Congressman to look into this matter.

A democratic lawmaker of California, Eric Swalwell, pointed out the matter of ransomware and other similar kinds of attacks which are done through Cryptocurrency use. He urged to the Congress to look in this matter with more deep analysis.

That is how we as responsible authorities can handle these things easily for the future.

The main reason to pick this matter in this time by Eric is only the recent supply-chain attack on Kaseya.

He tweeted about it through his social media account. 

According to Eric, Ransomware attacks can affect hundreds of businesses in this world and they should be fixed from every possible end.

REvil, a Russian Ransomware group, recently attacked a Miami based information technology company Kasya. 

According to Kasya, this attack was very shocking because they didn’t expect such type of attacks possibilities. They said 40,000 were forced to shut down their server through attack and that server was medium for remote access to the computer system. So they lost control from their system at very big level.

Frank Bajak, associate professor of press, reported that around more than 17 countries business has been attacked by this incident badly.

Mark Loman, director engineer of Sophos, shared a screenshot where attackers demanded $45,000 worth of Monero coin, which is totally untraceable.

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And also attackers warned that they will double their demand If they will not pay on time.

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