Coinbase customer support Employees Increased By Five Fold

Reports say, The number of customer support agents that were working for Coinbase, now grew by 5 times which is 3000 Employees in the present 2021.

Coinbase is the biggest U.S based exchange and day by day they are trying their best to expand their business not only in the U.S but also in the international market.

Recent news came from the Coinbase team that they will launch Own Crypto App store for the crypto community.

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And also they announced their current working system to increase the speed of listing Cryptocurrency assets with more perfection.

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No doubt that Coinbase Exchange is growing much faster than other Cryptocurrency exchanges which have a target in U.S region users mainly. 

Increase in the customers at their platform is resulting in problems for the exchange to handle the situation of problems that customers are facing regarding their services.

According to a report, in January 2021, Customers at Coinbase platform increased from 43 million to 56 million. While the customer support contact rate surged by 70%. It was a totally bad situation for the Coinbase Exchange users.

But now Coinbase Exchange has increased their customer support. 

According to announcement by Coinbase Exchange blog post.

They added around 5 times more employees to help and solve the problems of Coinbase users through contact support.

“One of the biggest investments we’ve made is in our support staff. We now have more than 3,000 people dedicated to solving customer issues. This represents a more than 5x increase in support staff since January.” 

And also further they added that the company reduced many backlog and they have very high potential to help & reduce the risk of any future backlog in contact support.

According to the team, people now can take help through live chat, live calls. And also they can instantly lock their account & regain access easily, which is a signal of very high security support by their agents.

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