LG will follow footsteps of Samsung to support NFTs

LG announced that it will bring NFTs support in line with its TV network products. 

The whole crypto and non-crypto industry is witness to how the NFTs concept took birth at the end of 2020 and further in 2021 it integrated a big part of the non-crypto industry into the crypto industry. 2021 is over and now we are in 2022, but still, the use of NFTs is not getting down. New companies are introducing their unique concept use cases of NFTs in this industry. 

Recently, South Korean Giant tech company announced that it will support NFTs Digital artworks in its TV products. A day later, LG also announced its involvement in a similar initiative, like Samsung

Through the press release, LG company confirmed that LG will do something much better for the NFTs marketplace, with its better quality LED TV display qualities. 

The head of the home entertainment business division at LG company, Park Hyung-se, stated that they have plans to support NFTs into its TV line.

Park also said that high-quality organic light-emitting diode will help the NFTs based initiative better in the TV line. 

Now, here the situation is the same for both the companies, whether it is Samsung or LG. Both of them will work on their TV display so that they can provide better support for NFTs. But besides these initiatives, few people are still sceptical about how the NFTs marketplace system will work on TV. 

Chung Seung-mo is a South Korean crypto investor and also has a huge inclination in NFTs based projects. He said that NFTs support initiatives of these companies not worthy because it will be tough for the NFTs Marketplace. 

“I don’t see a point in there being an NFT trading platform on my TV. When it is still inconvenient to surf the internet on what you call a Smart television, I don’t think it will be a very pleasant experience buying an NFT on TV,” 

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