El Salvador ranks in top third Bitcoin ATMs rich country


Data records says that El Salvador is leading in the top ranking of the list of countries in the world where Bitcoin ATM machines are installed. 

As we know on 7 September, Bitcoin law was officially introduced in El Salvador and also on the same day Chivo wallet launched by the government of the country. As Chivo wallet allows people to use it directly with the Bitcoin AtM machines, so the El Salvador government installed 200 bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador. 

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According to the data provided by the Coin ATM Radar, El Salvador is the third largest Bitcoin ATM network country. And right now it is below the United States and Canada, which are at top. 

Reportedly, El Salvador installed Bitcoin ATMs locally as well as in the U.K with a total of 205 Bitcoin ATM machines to facilitate Bitcoin to USD transactions easily just like fiat based ATMs.

If we take a look at the report of Statista, then we will find that El Salvador’s government installed a total of 201 bitcoin ATM machines within one month for the rollout of Bitcoin law. Before this, El Salvador was at rank 43rd and at that time there were only 4 Bitcoin ATMs which were working. 

El Salvador is getting better attraction from the crypto Community because of their decision of bitcoin law and installation of a Bitcoin ATM with this speed. But a big influence in the overall world can be seen, where reports said that in September total 27,664 active machines of Bitcoin ATMs exist, while 2,790 new Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in the same month. This shows how that how the world is going to adopt Bitcoin and crypto with the establishment of practical life usage of crypto assets. 

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