El Salvador’s president shared positive news on Bitcoin adoption

Nayib Bukele shared information on twitter that 17% of El Salvador’s citizens downloaded the Chivo wallet. 

After 7 September, many people (opposition media and critics) moved to the streets of El Salvador to protest against Bitcoin law. And also burned one of the Bitcoin ATM of El Salvador. But here the president shared positive news on Bitcoin adoption. 

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, took to twitter and tweeted that 1.1 million citizens of El Salvador downloaded the Chivo wallet. Here 1.1 million no. is equal to the 17% population of El Salvador. These are those people who downloaded the official Bitcoin wallet of El Salvador within 10 days. 

Through the tweet, Nayib Bukele also said that this growth of the users on Chivo wallet is clearly giving availability of banks features for their citizens rapidly and this will beat the reach of traditional banks within one month, which didn’t done by the banks or private financial institutions in the last 40 years. 

Here it should be noticed that 1.1 million people downloaded in less than 2 weeks, which shows how many people want to go with Bitcoin adoption. And here this is just the initial phase of the bitcoin law. And also it is worth to notice that Bitcoin law is optional for the citizens but still growth is high. 

Many times, people criticized Nayib Bukele on behalf of survey reports, where not more than 20% supported the bitcoin law. But no one talked about the exact figure of 20%. Here 1.1 million is only 17% and this number is worth much for El Salvador and it is freedom for the Citizens to choose Bitcoin or USD or both. 

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