Elrond will access market of 200 countries with MEXC Global partnership

Elrond will establish a partnership with Singapore-based virtual currencies exchange MEXC Global to expand its reach more confidently in the global market. 

Elrond network is a decentralized blockchain crypto project, which aims to provide security, efficiency, scalability, and interoperability to blockchain transactions to bring better ease of access to such technologies among blockchain & Crypto technology lovers. The native token of Elrond is EGLD and right now it is standing at 35th in the market by 24 hours global trade volume. 

On 21 March, Beniamin Mincu, chief executive officer of the Elrond project notified his followers about the new initiative of Elrond to expand its reach in the global market with a new partnership with a Singaporean crypto exchange.

The Partner crypto exchange is MEXC Global and this partnership will help Elrond to access the crypto market of more than 200 countries, which includes the United States. 

Elrond network CEO Beniamin commented on this partnership and noted that the latest partnership will not only push the reach of the Elrond network but also it will help in the funding and more development works to push the adoption of blockchain technology.

“The strategic collaboration with MEXC is a massive step forward in our continued efforts to bridge the Elrond Network to new markets and funding opportunities, further accelerating projects building with internet-scale technology on their paths towards massive adoption.

said Beniamin Mincu

Price action 

The current price of EGLD is $180.41, which is 11.10% high over the last 24 hours. This better pump in the price is showing the influence of this recent partnership announcement. 

Elrond will access market of 200 countries with MEXC Global partnership 1

This price of EGLD is 21% higher over the last 7 days and this is a better recovery rate for this coin over other better coins of the crypto industry. 

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