Fake MetaMask on Google Play Store


Cryptocurrency market is a new and emerging market on the Internet. The market has a big room for growth and expansion. Scammers and Hackers are waiting for a single hole in your security and will empty your wallets.  

MetaMask a decentralised app (DApp) is always in headlines for scams and hacks. A cybersecurity firm Eset reported a fake app using the same profile as of MetaMask on Google Play Store (the biggest marketplace for android).

This is a simple type of malware which can send all the information placed on the clipboard to the scammers. Maximum crypto users copy and paste their private keys to open their wallets (that was not a good practice).

Google removed the malware application from Play Store after a tip-off from the company Eset on 9 Feb.

The malware also replaces the cryptocurrencies address present on the clipboard with an address of the hackers. Hackers hope that the user can send the digital assets to the address without notice. The malware is also known as Clipper.

This was the first malware found on the Google Play Store the firm reported. Eset explained:

“The malware’s primary purpose is to steal the victim’s credentials and private keys to gain control over the victim’s Ethereum funds. However, it can also replace a Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet address copied to the clipboard with one belonging to the attacker.”

MetaMask is one of the oldest decentralised app (DApp) based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. MetaMask is in headlines for scams and hacks many times before. 

MetaMask recently announced that a mobile application is launched soon and hackers took that an advantage. Our suggestion is that only install apps and wallets from official websites only.
Please double check your addresses before sending and always try a small amount first for testing.

 Stay Safe Stay Forever in Crypto