Fidelity director says BTC Will hit $100K in next 2 years

Jurrien Timmer of Fidelity firm shared his stance on the price of bitcoin and claimed that Bitcoin will hit $100k in the next two years. 

The Director of Global Macro of Fidelity, Jurrien Timmer, predicted the price of bitcoin. According to Jurrien, Price of bitcoin will touch the five zeros figure easily in the next two years. Jurrien added his statement

“I have a supply model and a demand model and the next and last time that those two models intersect is at around $100K in a couple of years.”

Jurrien talked about the competition between gold and Bitcoin. According to Jurrien Bitcoin and gold are not competitors to each other and described two  different players of the same team. 

Bitcoin VS dollar 

On the matter of Bitcoin dominance over dollar, Jurrien believes that Bitcoin will not impact the dominance of the dollar because Bitcoin is highly unstable and it can’t replace the dollar in any way. 

“I really don’t think bitcoin threatens the dollar or the dollar’s reserve status. I don’t think the dollar’s hegemony as a reserve currency is at risk at all.”

Earlier this, last month Jurrien shared his stance on El Salvador’ move toward Bitcoin adoption described it as a small overplayed game. While he appreciated the law of El Salvador to adopt Bitcoin to advance their payment system and also they are giving their citizens freedom to choose dollar and Bitcoin both for the payment purpose. 

“’s not like it switched from dollars as its currency peg to Bitcoin. It still has the dollar, and people can decide to be paid in dollars. So, this is a voluntary thing essentially.”

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