Former chief of Russian crypto exchange arrested

BTC-e exchange’s former  Chief got arrested in Poland. 

According to report of the BBC Russia, Dmitry Vasiliev who was chief of the WEX crypto exchange. Earlier WEX was known as BTC-e. 

BTC-e was the most famous crypto exchange of the crypto space in the field of illicit activities. Because there were many allegations on this exchange. Allegedly exchange facilitated many bitcoin transactions as a part of Money Laundering. And also this exchange was involved in the mt.Gox exchange incident. 


In Poland’s jurisdiction, Vasiliev is innocent because there are no cases from the Poland regions. But there are many open fraud cases, especially from Kazakhstan. Right now there are chances that citizenship will be changed to take better action. 

It is worth to note, Vasiliev was arrested by the Poland police on 11 August but this matter was disclosed when this news was covered by Polish newspaper, Wyborcza, on Sept. 17.

If we talk about the allegations, then there are many but some of them are in light, like facilitating trades for Chinese investors illegally. 

If we talk about Alexander Vinnik, head of the BTC-e crypto exchange, then there are charges of Money Laundering of $4 billion of Bitcoin. 

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