Google partners with NFT leader blockchain firm Dapper Labs

Google will support NFTs, Web3 and gaming based blockchain platform Dapper Labs. 

In the present time, who doesn’t know about Google? Obviously everyone. And as we know that the present time of the internet world is moving from web2.0 to web3.0. So Google search engines don’t want to go back to adopt the revolution, so they established a partnership with Dapper to support the development works based on blockchain technology.

According to the report of Forbe, giant search engine Google will support Dapper Labs, Canadian blockchain studio, in development of web3 based products and services. And also will support their development in Non fungible token (NFTs) projects. 

Google’s Cloud service will be used by the Dapper Lab as a network operator, which will provide better scalability to the project of Dapper Lab. Most of the projects of Dapper Lab will be based on the NFTs, games and apps.

The vice president of Google Cloud North America, Janet Kennedy, stated that this partnership deal between Google and Dapper Lab will remain for several years. And also it will provide  “scalable, secure infrastructure”.

Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs, confirmed this partnership with Google through twitter and said that Google welcomes the flow blockchain. 

At the present time, the NFTs market is at a tremendous level. And surely this partnership will give a new boost for the NFTs ecosystem of Dapper Lab. August was the record breaker of the year with the sale of  $2 billion, as per industry data.

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