Government of Indonesia Awarded Multi-Million to Blockchain Firm PLMP Fintech


Singaporean blockchain firm PLMP Fintech will be awarded by multi-million in partnership with the government of Indonesia reported on 29 May 2019.

The new partnership with the Ministry of Trade aims to retransform the whole country’s logistics sector starting from the biggest island of the Riau Province.

A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) is signed by the Free Port of Batam and the Agency for Free Trade Zone and Indonesian firm Central Distribusi Batam with the blockchain company PLMP Fintech.

For the development of the multi-million project, this MOU is signed in partnership with the Ministry of Trade.

The pilot level will add the improvements in PLMP Fintech’s own blockchain protocol that named as Creatanium to standardize the trading practices between the buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. 

Our solutions will allow for round-the-clock updates on the exact location of moving goods to prevent delays and optimize the whole process

-PLMP Fintech’s Co-Founder Kym Kee

PLMP Fintech will work to build a strong and secure blockchain based system using its own protocol powered by digital assets that backed by a diversified source of revenue from technological solutions and a number of projects which already in the pipeline around Southeast Asia,

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