Is NFT still the future of artwork? A legend artist entered in crypto Through NFT

NFTs craze still has a future. Even in the present time NFT is an old concept but still legendary artists are entering in crypto through the NFTs based concept.

In the very starting NFTs concept was started with a concept to increase the use of the token. It was specially started with artwork like photography. But further new projects entered the Crypto space with their own idea to extend the NFTs range in every possible artwork like music, lyrics, gaming, application, theme code, program, Digital image etc.

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Many experts said that the concept of NFTs token has been over and we have to forget it. But day by day new legends are entering in this field and also getting lots of hype and success.

Earlier artists were working for small earnings through their artwork. And the actual publicity & value was not easy for them to get. But after the concept of NFTs Token, every week new legends are entering in this field because of real value of their artwork.

Damien Hirst who is an old artist and he is now ready to sell his artwork which are more than 5 year old. Hirst recently launched “The Currency” project. He considered a total 10,000 NFT tokens corresponding to the physical prints of his artwork. Every NFTs piece of his project artwork is worth $2,000. People can buy their artwork at the end of next week. 

According to Hirst, His NFTs is available in form according to what the buyer want. They can provide a print of original copy with high resolution and also they can give the NFT version of his artwork that mean people can resell his artwork.

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