Uniswap working on “Defi Regulation & Access” Project

Reports say Uniswap is working on evolving a regulatory landscape based project, so that regulators can easily control & regulate the DeFi Exchanges like centralised Exchanges.

With the growth of centralised traditional crypto exchanges, Defi is also growing rapidly. While it was started with a small concept to make Cryptocurrency fully decentralized. But now regulators are not happy with this concept and they are doing their best to regulate & control the DeFi space.

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Uniswap is playing an important role to help regulators in this matter. While they are the best developer lab team, to give a better regulation framework so that people can use Defi space with better security & trust, is also their responsibility. No doubt Bitcoin & Ethereum like legendary assets are fully decentralized but regulation frameworks are still able to restrict the illegal transactions on crypto exchanges to stop Money Laundering & criminal activities. All of this is possible because of regulation. So regulators are trying to do the same thing with Defi also. And Uniswap Developer Team is bowing to such scrutiny to restrict & access hundreds of tokens at their platform.

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According to a report announced on Friday 23 July, the software development company cited the “evolving regulatory landscape” . And that is why they decided to delist many Defi assets like mirror stocks, options, and derivatives. 

Gary Gesner who is chief of SEC talked on this matter to regulate and explained why regulation is a biggest need of present time.They stated 

“Make no mistake: It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stock token, a stable value token backed by securities, or any other virtual product that provides synthetic exposure to underlying securities. These platforms whether in the decentralized or centralized finance space are implicated by the securities laws and must work within our securities regime”

Probably such pressure by the regulators are forcing these legendary developer teams to work on such types of projects where regulatory authorities can restrict & access the DeFi platforms.

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