Kioskos K1 is first Bitcoin ATM of made in El Salvador

A company in El Salvador is ready to expand their Bitcoin ATM business for only its own country. 

After the Bitcoin adoption as a legal tender by El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele, lots of companies want to start their business in El Salvador related to crypto. For example Chivo is El Salvador’s official digital Bitcoin wallet, but still there are numbers of crypto companies that are crazy to promote their own wallet.

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A company of El Salvador, Kioskos k1, wants to make their country full of Bitcoin ATM services at all possible locations. 

Kioskos company created the first ever Bitcoin ATM machine which is made in El Salvador and also designed in El Salvador. 

This Bitcoin ATM, Kioskos K1, can function with all types of Bitcoin wallet but it will depend upon the Bitcoin operator whether they will allow it or not. So a Bitcoin ATM can perform at its best no matter what the location of the user is. For now, this Bitcoin ATM machine is Strike app enabled. And users can use this ATM machine with more perfection than a traditional fiat based ATM. 

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Edgar Borja, CEO of Kioskos K1, claimed that the cost of this ATM machine is $15,000 & the performance of this ATM machine will return the cost of its making within 15 months. 

Edgar also said that their ATM machine will work 24×7 unlike other ATM machines because this BTM is fully automatic with security & surveillance equipment. 

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