Lightning Labs Announced ‘Loop In’ Feature of Lightning Loop


Blockchain development company Lightning Labs announced the ‘Loop In’ feature of the lightning loop on the lightning network reported on 25 June 2019.

Previously in March, Lightning Labs has announced the Lightning Loop feature on the lightning network which is a non-custodial service that enables users to manage their lightning channels.

Firstly they have just released the details about the loop out feature of the lightning loop that enables users to increase the receiving capacity of the lightning channel without closing it.

Now, this time lightning labs announced the second feature of the lightning loop which is Loop In that enables users to keep existing channels open indefinitely by refilling them again without closing the channel itself when a Lightning channel will run out of money.

According to lightning labs, the roadmap for Loop In has a large number of optimizations in store, which will make Loop In a cheaper, faster and easier way to add Lightning funds to a wallet.

Lightning Loop becomes bi-directional after adding the Loop In feature to it where users have the ability to deposit funds to the channel when empty or withdrawing extra funds from the channel without closing the lightning channel itself.

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