Polygon partners Filecoin to work on Metaverse, NFTs and gaming

Polygon network established a partnership with Filecoin to work on the Metaverse-based initiatives. 

Polygon is Ethereum scaling solution crypto project, its native token Matic is standing at 15th rank by 24 hours trading volume. Polygon network team is continuously doing its different types of works which are in trend like Web3, Metaverse & NFTs. 

On 16 February, Chinese crypto blogger Collin Wu informed followers that Polygon did partner with decentralized data file platform Filecoin. 

The main aim of this partnership is to work on the NFT, games, and metaverse-like projects by using the resources of their ecosystem with each other. 

Polygon studios 

Polygon network team established a new subsidiary “Polygon Studios”. The main aim of the new subsidiary is to help the developers which are working on NFTs, games related Web3 projects. 

In January of This year, the Polygon team announced that it hired YouTube gaming head to lead the Polygon studios to work more perfectly on the blockchain gaming and NFTs based projects so that Blockchain technology can be benefited more than outside the small use cases. 

Now the new partnership of Polygon with Filecoin may result in a game-changer competition for other crypto projects in the same race. However, this is not the first time when Polygon did a partnership with Filecoin.

Earlier in 2021, Polygon and Filecoin teamed up to push the development works on new DApps. Both the team launched the “Mars Hackathon ” at which many developers visited to create new DApps protocols on the bridge of Polygon & Filecoin.

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