Michael Saylor buys additional 3,907 BTC


Micheal Saylor again shows his eager behaviour toward Bitcoin. Michael shared on twitter that he again bought Bitcoin.

Micheal Saylor is a Bitcoin lover and has around 105,085 bitcoin already. Michael is CEO of MicroStrategy and doing Investment in bitcoin for the company’s future growth. He also claimed many times that he always remains bullish on Bitcoin & also holds Bitcoin for many years.

On 24 August, Michael Saylor shared a tweet and said that they bought a total of 3,907 Bitcoins. And now at this current date, they owns total 108,992 BTC. 

Michael added that all the bitcoins, they bought through the cash on sale of Bitcoin ATM at price $452,94 dollar per bitcoin. 

And also Micheal Saylor shared a link to the MicroStrategy website where they officially submitted the details of his Bitcoin buy with the SEC.

Here this decision of Michael Saylor indicates that he was also much worried during the dump situation of crypto market where Bitcoin price was always fluctuating near to the $300,00. But after the comeback of the bull run, Michael bought more Bitcoins because of the confidence.

Michael also believes that every tech company should adopt Bitcoin in their own ways like the use of payment systems or any kind of bitcoin related services. Micheal added some examples like Tesla & Twitter which are working on it to bring in their services.

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