Michael Saylor says Bitcoin is “A Trillion-Dollar Opportunity”

Micheal Saylor shared his point about their firm’s aim for bitcoin holding and also he talked about the opportunity for tech companies which are not going toward Bitcoin adoption.

During the firm’s July 29 earnings call, Michael Saylor said  that his company will continuously  buy and hold bitcoin. And also he said that Bitcoin is a digital property that is “the most compelling technical opportunity of the decade.”

Phong Le, President and CFO of MicroStrategy said that they have now total 105,085 total bitcoins at an average price of $26,080. They also revealed that the company bought 13,759 during Q2 at an average price of $38,467.

Micheal Saylor said that they will continue to buy & hold Bitcoin and also they will educate other companies in the industry to explain them about the advantages of Digital properties.

“There will never be more than 21 million bitcoin, and we feel like there’s a land grab right now to acquire as much as you can”

And also Saylor said that companies can generate $1 trillion value just by plugging in the Bitcoin Investment. There are many tech companies which are still away from Bitcoin. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon like companies should implement digital property in their mobile apps. 

Just like Square & Paypal, which have adopted Digital Currencies already. 

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Moreover, when asked a question to Saylor that what he thinks about other crypto assets & Defi. Then he said that Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum & Uniswap are just mediums of fund exchange and that they are totally a category of different business. 

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