Poland Police detected Illegal Bitcoin Mining Activities At Own Headquarters

An IT worker found to involved in illegal bitcoin mining operations at the headquarter of a police site. 

Recents reports show that Poland became the most active country of the world where illegal bitcoin Mining operations are going on. Because time to time new cases of Illegal Bitcoin mining are encountered there. 

According to a report by Daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, On Friday, an illegal mining operation was encountered by police. The man who was operating illegal mining operations was stealing electricity from the site of police headquarters. 

A Spokesperson Mariusz Ciarka told the local TV channel TVN24 of Poland that an IT specialist person was stealing electricity at the police site in order to unearth (mining) Cryptocurrencies. 

“Unfortunately, this happened at a police site”

That IT worker has already been fired after the news came into light. 

While Ciarka said that, this illegal Operation was detected quickly and they are not sure that from how much time he was doing this illegal work of mining.

Police said in their statements that “IT workers have no more access to the enforcement databases, meanwhile they may leak due to this incident. 

Last scandal of illegal mining operations came from A district mayor who accused the opportunistic miner of ruining his party’s reputation. These are indications that illegal minings is becoming a better option for those who have no fear of government rules.

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