Minecraft creator calls crypto Play2Earn model nonsense


The crypto community is not happy with the Minecraft creator’s views on the Play2Earn game models amid Minecraft’s crackdown on the Bitcoin P2E Minecraft server.

The Play2Earn model is a method of monetization of the gaming platforms for gaming companies & game players simultaneously. In the last couple of years, the majority of the gaming-focused crypto projects used this model to introduce crypto & blockchain technology in the gaming sector. In the majority of the cases, blockchain gaming concept-focused companies faced huge criticism. 

Recently Decrypt reported that Mojang bans Play2Earn model-based servers. In particular, they banned fan-operated server which was giving rewards in Bitcoin for completing tasks in the Minecraft game. Continuously they are taking action against such fan-operated third-party servers linked with crypto tokens, on behalf of Minecraft’s newly updated guidelines. 

An X (formerly Twitter) user tagged Minecraft developer “Notch” in the tweet thread and in response, Notch also shared his opinion & said that it was a good move against nonsense things.

Notch is no longer an an owner or stakeholder or any involvement in the Minecraft game business. He sold Minecraft IP & Mojang in 2014 to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. 

Minecraft creator’s statement against crypto & P2E system showed that he is not happy with the paid model of games or he doesn’t like Bitcoin.

Satlantis, a fan-operated Minecraft server, faced action by Mojang and removed its Bitcoin payout system for Minecraft players, as received an IP ban threat from Mojang. 

Here it will be interesting to see the response by the Minecraft team or Microsoft officially but people are not optimistic, as already shown strict action against NFTs-like activities from its ecosystem.

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