One Republic will accept crypto

One Republic will now accept crypto payments for their live concert-based programs in the future. 

After the origin of the Non Fungible tokens (NFTs) concept in the crypto space, many high-level popular celebrities entered the NFTs based projects to make better income and this forced the high-level celebrities and artists into crypto also. All over if we will see on the NFTs, then it is a way to drag all kinds of artists of the world into the crypto & blockchain industry easily. And also NFTs is not dragging people into crypto but also giving real value to the original content creators of the world.

In the latest, OneRepublic decided to accept payments in crypto for their live shows and programs. However, OneRepublic didn’t announce it officially but according to ABC airpower, OneRepublic will not count more US dollars. 

Not enough details have been provided by the tweet but they confirmed that OneRepublic will become the first-ever music-label artist to get paid in the crypto payments. 

This is not the first time that we will see OneRepublic with the crypto inclined initiative. Before this in April of this year, Ryan Tedder- One Republic frontman- announced the non-fungible drop. Alongside the availability in the visual, featured songs exclusively recorded by Tedder. 

Before the entry into the NFTs, music artists invested in the crypto project Olaf Carlson-Wee’s Polychain Capital. 

To push the adoption of the NFTs, Tedder picked an NFTs image from the  Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection to use for the profile picture for the Twitter account. 

In the past, Tedder created history with the “Apologize” in 2007. And in 2013, they hit another milestone in the whole world with the “Counting Stars” and two other albums. Besides the signing, Tedder is an artist, who wrote songs for Taylor Swift and Adele.

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