Shiba Inu’s Team Warns crypto investors against scam

The team behind the Shiba inu coin pointed out scams going with the name of Shiba inu and suggested to remain away. 

This year, meme coins made a separate place in the crypto industry. In the beginning, Dogecoin started with a very big surge with Elon Musk‘s shout out and after that Shiba inu followed the footsteps of Dogecoin

In half of October and the beginning of November, we saw many #shiba, #shibainu, #shibarmy hashtag trends on Twitter and Facebook-like social media platforms. And all was part of the huge surge in the price of Shiba inu. For some time, Shiba inu beated Dogecoin in terms of market cap. 

As we know, there are many types of crypto users including scammers and fraudsters. Few scammers used the hashtag of the Shiba inu to promote fake crypto and giveaway to promote their crypto assets. And in some cases, fraudsters tried to trick the users to steal the private key. 

On the increasing scams because of the Shiba Inu’s trending hashtag misuse, the Shiba inu project team took this matter to Twitter and warned all the Shiba inu coin investors. 

Through the tweet, they said that there are many types of scams running in social media by the bad actors and they are trying to trick the users. 

Few other Shiba inu crypto community members tried to explain the possible hacking attack that some fraudsters are using to trick the retail and less knowledge-based people. As we can see in the tweet below

Harassment because of Shiba inu community 

Recently, Past Dogecoin developer, Billy Markus, raised his point of view on the spamming by the Shiba inu community. In particular, he targeted those Twitter users, who are tweeting about the Shiba inu coin without thinking anything about the post. 

Probably there are chances that Billy tried to touch those fake giveaway-based Shiba inu promotional tweets and comments that are spreading on Twitter. 

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