Patent of headset-free AR Metaverse theme parks patent of Disney approved

Disney also jumped into the Metaverse initiative through its unique headset-free Augmented Reality theme park idea. 

After the announcement of the Metaverse concept by Facebook, which is Meta now, the majority of the tech companies are planning to go with the Metaverse-based projects. In this list Samsung, Google are also involved, which grab popularity beside Meta company. This trend is giving a better boost to the crypto industry because this is a new concept and projects based on this concept need blockchain technology and high computational power. Many projects started in the crypto industry with Metaverse based concept many few years ago but didn’t grab better attention but later Metaverse pushed those projects to the next level. In particular, these projects are Decentraland and The sandbox. 

In the last week of December 2021, Disney successfully grabbed its patent on the Metaverse-based augmented reality Theme park, which will be free from headset use. 

This new concept of Disney tech will work uniquely, it will trace the visitor’s mobile network and the tech project will generate personalized 3d items virtually in the physical world space. 

For this tech patent, Disney filed originally to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July 2020. But it get approval on 28 December 2021. 

Since the start of the discussion about Metaverse, the majority of the tech companies are working to bring this in reality by using headsets to create the world and things in the virtual world.  But here this new patent tech idea is based on the creation of a virtual world directly in the physical world. 

Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, stated about this tech concept during the Q4 2021 earning calls. He said that the company will connect the physical world with virtual work by using technology like Digital assets 

“We’ll be able to connect the physical and digital worlds even more closely, allowing for storytelling, without boundaries in our own Disney Metaverse.”

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