Polygon co-founder explains how Polygon is better than Solana

The co-founder of Polygon network responded against a fact, that was trying to give a better preference to the Solana Network for Web3 based initiatives. 

Solana is a 5th ranked crypto Blockchain network and also this crypto asset is unique in this crypto industry because of its unique running Consensus Proof-of-history. In December 2021, crypto-analyst Spencer Noon predicted that future web3 based projects will choose Solana as the second biggest network. 

However, the prediction of Spencer was based on the daily active users on the network but actual data revealed that Polygon is above the Solana Network active users. 

On 9 January 2021, Nailwal, Co-founder of Polygon network, responded to this on Twitter and argued that surely Solana is a more attractive option for Web3 initiatives because they are highly influenced because of American institutional marketing. 

“I feel that the thought ‘Solana has more traction than @0xPolygon’ is more common amongst newer Web3 entrants as they are influenced by awesome US institutional marketing”

Further Polygon co-founder explained how Polygon is still much better over Solana Network because of its 10 fold more active developer team over a few numbers of Solana-owned developer teams. 

Solana facing outages 

Here Solana is standing in this crypto industry with its different approach because on one side, this project is the most highly scalable blockchain Network, and on the other side, it is based on a unique Proof-of-history mechanism. 

There are huge chances that Solana may bring a better revolution in this crypto industry but probably the limited resources of the Solana team can’t handle the current economical high amount of transactions. 

In the last 10 days, Solana Network faced outage two times. Many users claimed that Solana Network faced a DDoS attack. While on the other side, the Solana team confirmed that no DDoS attack took place on the network, and all these are reasons for high computational transactions. 

Here a situation is occurring where we can’t consider which one may bring a new era for this crypto industry. Because every year, a new blockchain network always creates a trend. 

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