PayPal may embrace DeFi & bring smart contract at their platform

Giant global payment platform PayPal is ready to serve their crypto trading services for U.K users. And also there are huge chances that they can dive into DeFi through integration of decentralized applications in their platform.

Yesterday PayPal unveiled their plan to upgrade their application with more crypto features by next month and also they unveiled their plan to Launch “Super app” for crypto trading services. Probably they may provide separate services of crypto, but we have to wait. 

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According to the second quarter call of paypal, Company is ready with their strategy & plans to serve crypto trading facilities. 

Dan Schulman, who is CEO of Paypal stated 

“Yeah, well, we continue to be really pleased with the momentum we’re seeing on crypto..… We’re going to launch, hopefully, maybe even next month in the U.K., and open up trading there.”

So probably ready with their plan to serve their crypto trading services for U.K customers. 

He further added that, they are already doing about this new launch of services. As they Increased the daily crypto buy limit to $100,000 per week, this will add ” incremental functionality” to the new service.

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And also they revealed their plan to integrate ACH, which will bring an instant & fast payment process. Actually ACH is a mechanism to facilitate transactions from a user’s bank account to a direct merchant account. 

And on the matter of Defi, Dan said that they are looking & estimating about the future and how the next generation financial system will look like. And also they are doing technical analysis on how they can integrate Decentralised application & smart contract systems in their platform, so that they can bring lots of revolution in the international payment structure.

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