Polygon Network may face new downtime because of upgrade: Details


The polygonal network was reportedly down from 5:50 PM UTC on March 10 to 4 AM UTC on March 11. While all customer funds are secure and the team explained specific issues that did not work within these 11 hours on the network.

Planned Network Upgrade – Polygon developers informed users on 10 March about the upcoming downtime of the network due to the Heimdall node.

The Heimdall execution uses one of two layers in the network’s proof-of-stake network. While the team confirmed the downtime on March 10 at 5:50 PM UTC with more details. It should be noted that none of the consumer funds were compromised during the interruption.

While we are working to determine the exact cause, it looks like it was previously upgraded from Ethereum to the Polygon PoS state sync/bridging module with the Minot parameterization fix.

The team also revealed that there may be a “bug” in the upgrade, which has affected consensus and prompted various Heimdall evaluators to stay in different versions of the blockchain. This prevented 2/3 consensus. “When using the tendering consensus, this condition stops the Heimdall chain”.

The developers further reiterated that Heimdall does not handle consumer transactions, but will be used for bridging and validator-related transactions.

In addition, the team explained that Bor Chain, the PoS network-facing polygonal users, had been discontinued due to its reliance on Heimdall for “block proposal committee selection“.

On March 11 at 4 AM UTC,  the team successfully released Hotfix, which resumed operation on the polygonal network, while “the bridge will not be active until the developers have fully resolved the issue”.

As per the last update which reads:

We appreciate your support at this point and have added an update: we have implemented a temporary hotfix to unblock the Bor chain and resume the production of blocks on the polygon chain. Although this solution is temporary, the team is working to implement a long-term upgrade to address the Heimdall problem.

The network’s bridge will not be active until the final solution is released.

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