Ripple supporters want to expose the SEC via podcast of Joe Rogan

Ripple community and its supporters want to see a dominant attorney on the podcast episode Joe Rogan, to expose the SEC agency. 

The whole crypto industry is witnessing, how the SEC agency filed a case against Ripple to sell $1.2 billion of XRP Securities over the last 7 years. This lawsuit action by the SEC agency ruined the success of the XRP token during the bull market situation in 2021. It was expected that the case would be over in the mid of 2021 but now there are chances that the case may end in mid-2022. 

XRP Army is now in huge frustration against the US securities and exchange commission (SEC) agency. XRP army is now putting a demand to show a podcast on the Ripple vs SEC case with Attorney John Deaton as a guest. 

Attorney John Deaton is a popular attorney in the US and he is popularly known as the biggest supporter of this San Francisco-based giant payment network company Ripple. He is mainly known for his role in enacting Amicus Curiae for 65,000 XRP holders. So the XRP army is expecting that Amicus will surely put better support for the XRP community. 

” A non-party with an interest in the outcome of a pending lawsuit who argues or presents information in support of or against one of the parties to the lawsuit.”

Army of the XRP community wants to see Joe Rogan interview John Deaton, but it is not easy also because it needs huge support in this industry.

Joe Rogan is popular on Spotify, once he was in the number position. However he is not at the number position, at present, but still, he is easily able to engage more than 11 million people in a single podcast episode.

If the XRP army will get better support in this industry to force Joe Rogan to do podcasts in favour of Ripple company then surely it will bring a very positive movement for Ripple. 

Here it is also worth noting, people are accusing the SEC agency and claiming that the SEC agency is facilitating its action according against the winner or losers of this market. On the other hand, SEC claims that the agency wants to establish the fundamental rules and law perfectly in this industry, to ensure the protection of investors in this market.

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