RippleX finally releases the NFT-Devnet

RippleX successfully launched the testing phase of the NFTs based platform for its users. 

Ripple is a popular San Francisco-based giant payment network company. This company took birth in the internet world with its unique blockchain technology and now this company is doing its best to bring new use cases with the use of blockchain technology. 

RippleX is a global developer platform, where developers can use the Ripple’ XRP Ledger to integrate their applications and platforms to facilitate payment systems.

Around a month ago, the XRPL Labs team announced that they are working to bring NFTs support features. Now the NFTs support feature is launched. But here it is still in the Devnet launch phase, where all the users can test how it works and also can give their opinions. 

Ripple getting hype with the NFTs initiative 

On 11 January, through a dev blog, RippleX announced that the developer team is launching the testnet of NFTs support for the testing and learning for the developers about NFTs on Ripple and experiment with the native NFT capabilities introduced with XLS-20d.”

The XLS-20d proposal was submitted in May 2021. The main aim of this proposal was to support native NFTs and include the feature to  “enumerate, transfer and hold such tokens.”

NFT-Devnet is just a prototype of XLS-20D, that is created to test the NFT’s support and functionality on XRPL. After the full testing of features and functionality, the team will launch it on the Mainnet. 

“Advanced features like automatic royalties, which enable more sophisticated royalty structures for creators, and co-ownership, which expands access possibilities to assets, are also built into the proposal.” the statement noted

Recently a report was released on the biggest NFTs Marketplace OpneSea. According to the report, OpenSea grabbed more than 600 fold surge in sales in 2021. In the same year, the NFTs industry crossed more than $25 billion in sales. 

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