RippleX exec elaborated on ODL as ‘killer value proposition to Ripple Net

RippleX executive explained in detail about the ODL is ” Killer Value Proposition to RippleNet. 

At this time, the Ripple firm vs US SEC agency fight is going on but still, the San Francisco based giant firm is not lagging behind the development and grabbing attention in the crypto market. 

During the episode of the Thinking Crypto podcast, Monica Long-  RippleX General Manager – shared details about the ongoing multi-chain development and the XRP Ledger technology.

On the On-demand liquidity ” killer value proposition to the Ripple”, Monica Long said that 

“ADL’s been in the market for a few years now and Q3 was, you know, the most outstanding…And the volume through ODL grew – so if you compare Q3 2021 to Q3 2020 it grew 25 times and more than 130%”

ODL is currently available mainly in more than 20 countries, which include more importantly the US, Mexico, the Philippines, Japan, Australia-like countries. 

Monica also asserted that clients will not be forced to hold XRP tokens. They can avail the service with the help of the exchange partner. Further Monic said that the high fees of the Ethereum based network will be reduced because of the introduction of the Ripple Ledger, which will cost a penny. 

The XLS-20, introduced in early 2021, said that this is just a decentralized network and here we are open. However, it is a matter of time because “it’s going to be up to the amendment process”

Ripple partnership in CBDCs and Banking 

Recently Ripple established a partnership with the central bank of Bhutan to bring modernizationizationir existing payment system. Monica asserted that “sustainability” was a selling point for the technology. And also she said that interpretability in the networks is part of their initiative. And also Ripple is in conversation with many banks, so in the future, more news will people hear more about the Ripple firm. 

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