The Head of Facebook’s Diem says do not need to worry about security or privacy


For the upcoming project of Facebook “ Novi Wallet ”. The head of Deim said that people should not worry about the associated privacy and security of their data. 

In the present time Facebook has a very bad reputation on data privacy of their users, because many times reports revolved in the internet market that Facebook sold data and details of their users and  also once a news was revolving in the internet that some hackers stole data from facebook. So right now, with the new wallet planning of Facebook, the head of Diem is doubtful whether people will support it or not. 

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In an interview with Yahoo finance, David Marcus, head of Facebook’s stable coin, talked about their upcoming Navi wallet project. 

Marcus stated that the Navi wallet of Facebook will remain safe and secure for the users and they will never use the data for the advertisement purpose or in the use of Facebook advertisements. And users should not worry about their privacy. 

Marcus asserted that the designation of Navi wallet model is made such that it prohibits any kind of commingled” financial and social data.

“And, you know, basically, the way that we’ve designed this– and it actually took us a lot of effort to build it the right way– is that your financial data is not going to be commingled with your social data.”

Marcus also claimed that it is a huge market (obviously crypto market) and it is the best time to pick up. But here people should give a chance to the Diem to give a better service. 

Before this, Facebook confirmed that they will are eager for their Novi wallet launch but they want full regualtory approval and they don’t want any kind of scrutinity issues by regualtors.

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